Tocqueville Society


The highest financial level of generosity and leadership in our community.

What is the Tocqueville Society?

The national society was founded in Nashville, TN in 1981. The name was chosen for 19th century French diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville’s admiration for the spirit of voluntary association and voluntary effort for the common good, a spirit he had observed in America and about which he wrote enthusiastically. This notable society is designed to deepen the understanding, commitment and support of United Way.

Why should I join the Tocqueville Society?

The United Way of Etowah County Tocqueville Society is an opportunity for passionate individuals to become more deeply involved in United Way’s mission. It consists of local philanthropic leaders and volunteer champions who have devoted time, talent, and funds to create long-lasting change by tracking our community’s most serious issues. With an investment of $10,000 or more, members of the Tocqueville Society are leaders of philanthropy in our community.

What opportunities exist if I join the Tocqueville Society?

  • Change lives through philanthropic leadership focused on the building blocks for a better life
  • Communicate the vital role of personal philanthropic action in creating long-lasting changes.
  • Expand high-level personal giving and United Way Major and Planned Giving programs.
  • Strengthen local United Way leadership by building a network of like-minded leaders across the globe.

What benefits are there if I join the Tocqueville Society?

  • Convenient way to make a significant impact for many health and human services in one pledge
  • Opportunity to gain perspective on our community’s system of care that is proven to impact the lives of others
  • Engage as a volunteer with our community leaders to work locally to provide long-term solutions to our community’s problems
  • Make a personal connection with the influential group who sets the standards of charitable giving and philanthropy in our community
  • Associate with a national network of donors giving sustainable and transformational gifts
  • Influence positive change and inspire a better life for everyone

How can I get started?

We are thrilled from your interest and are happy to assist in any way along this process. Please feel free to fill out the online pledge form and make your donation now, and contact us at (256) 547-2581 to let us know of your intention of joining. Your community is very thankful already for you!

Please click HERE to complete your form and get started on your donation!