Volunteer Leadership

Volunteers give oversight and direction to every aspect of the United Way's operation. Fellow citizens do the planning, establish goals, certify need, man the campaign, solicit the gifts, and allocate the funds. All members of the Board of Directors  are independent, voting members, who do not receive any compensation for their service.


2022 Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Tripp Collins

Bob Blount

Treasurer & Vice-President of Finance
Kevin Phillips

Immediate Past President
Lesli Bishop

Vice President - Community Building
Mike Hilton

Vice President - Development
Bob Guyton

Vice President - Governance
Tripp Collins

Campaign Chairperson
Tony Smith

Pacesetter Campaign Chair
Dr. Sabrina Morgan-Graves

Pacesetter Campaign Co-Chair
J.D. Henderson


Keith Blackwell
Blake Dierkin
Kendall Hamilton
Jennifer Jackson
Corey McWhorter
Justin Bryant
Heather New
Mike Powell
John Reed
Christi Robinson
John Moore
Pastor Ty Dillion
Yvonne George
Courtney Linam
Randy Cline
Allen Skelton