Student Success


What programs and events is Student Success responsible for?

Kindergarten Preparation

  • Kinder Camp
  • Custom Readiness Calendars
  • Kindergarten, Here I Come

 Community Development

Free Book Provider

Fundraising Events

Helping to ensure the success of all students!

What is Student Success?

A student's initiative to discover ways to ensure all children are prepared and ready to succeed as they grow from birth to age 18.

What happened to Success by 6?

This is our newly transformed group that was rebranded from Success By 6. It now contains the former program under its umbrella, which has allowed Student Success to be able to impact students of all ages without an age cap. This division is still running strong, and it seeks to ensure all children who enter first grade will be ready to learn and thrive.

How does Student Success actually help students?

Student Success is responsible a wide range of programs and initiatives throughout Etowah County that provide real and transformative help to sustain and foster development across all ages.

How is Student Success able to give out free books?

This is all funded mostly through the Girlfriend Gala, which is a night out to promote and celebrate children's literacy.

What is the goal for Student Success?

Provide direct leadership and coordination for community collaboration which brings together leaders from business, education, labor, government, health and human service providers in order to effect positive change in the lives of children from birth to 12th grade. The goal of Student Success is to provide books for literacy through Dolly Parton Imagination Library, Freebie Reads, Ready Readers and identity barriers to reading of elementary students that are not meeting their benchmark or reading by 3rd grade. This program will work in tandem with other community initiatives to alleviate barriers in education for students.  The primary goal is to ensure children are successful in school and in life. It implements projects that produce positive changes in the systems that impact school-aged children.