Community Building

The Funding Process

Funding for the the Community

Community Building is responsible for addressing issues that confront United Way of Etowah County concerning agency relations, fund distribution, and community problem solving.  The focus of the committee revolves around four major areas: Further development of the fund distribution process (Allocations); Evaluation of each agency; Assessment of community needs; and Admissions of new agencies.

How does United Way of Etowah County decide where your donations are distributed throughout the community?

We rely on a very unique process called "allocations" which puts the process directly into the hands of trained community volunteers. Each year, we invite nonprofit agencies from our community to submit funding requests for specific programs targeting health, education, financial stability, and safety net. To learn more about the allocation panels process, please click HERE.

Agencies provide detailed application materials and then make a presentation to our panels, who ask probing questions about agency management, measurable results, and efficiencies.

In order to insure your money is spent wisely helping others, over 30 community volunteers are trained to serve in making funding decisions for community partners that offer life-changing change to the residents of Etowah County. Following visiting the agencies and their submitted application, the panel then makes recommendations to the Board of Directors of United Way. Your dollars make a positive impact for the residents that need the services of our partner agencies. 

These allocations volunteers commit their time to make our community stronger. We want to thank each and every one for thinking of WE before ME. They truly LIVE UNITED!

What if I want to learn more about how I can get involved?

If you would like more information or are interested in serving on the allocations panel, please contact United Way of Etowah County at (256) 547-2581.