Community Building

Community Building is responsible for addressing issues that confront United Way of Etowah County concerning agency relations, fund distribution, and community problem solving.  The focus of the committee revolves around four major areas: Further development of the fund distribution process (Allocations); Evaluation of eacy agency; Assessment of community needs; and Admissions of new agencies.


What is an Allocations Volunteer?

Local people, your friends and neighbors, serve as allocations volunteers who play a crucial role as the eyes and ears in the United Way Process.
In order to insure your money is spent wisely, helping others, Over 50 community volunteers on four allocations teams conduct extensive research with the agencies. Each United Way partner agency that receives funding must undergo rigorous financial reporting and account for every penny it spends.
These allocations volunteers commit their time to make our community stronger.  We want to thank each and every one for thinking of WE before ME. They truly LIVE UNITED.
Rose Marie Allenstein, Health Panel volunteer, had this to say, "Every year as I tour agencies as part of my responsibility as an Allocation Panel Member for United Way, I am AMAZED by all the good that all the various agencies do in our area.  I hope everyone will try to stretch their United Way giving this year.  If there was a list for most generous and caring community, I have no doubt that Etowah County would make the TOP TEN."